Version History


v1.11: Updated the Circle, H&C lines to the new S7 trains as well as partially done the same for the District Line. Updated Pudding Mill Lane and did a few minor changes.
v 1.10: Added the Overground network. Do let me know if I missed something. Some Tube station fixes.
–Note 1: The next update will be once the H&S line gets mostly updated to the S7 stock. For now I’ll keep the app w/ C77 stock info.
–Note 2: Android 4.3 might produce an error on exit, not sure. CMod 10.2 is problematic altogether so I’m unsure if it’s the app or the system.
v 1.09: Updates to data based on recent feedback. No Overground yet, but probably sooooon…
v 1.08: Favourites function added (yeyy), more fixes (District L/NHG, Jubilee/Wloo and bugs.)
v 1.07: Station fixes, bugfixes
v 1.06: Various bugfixes relating to directions not being picked up properly under certain conditions. Sorry…
v 1.05: Added a “loaded %” counter to the Line Select and Sights Select tools as it takes some time to load on slower phones and so far that’s been without a visual feedback.
v 1.04: DLR info added! Also re-linked the Tube Map to a GIF file so it doesn’t download a file each time.
v 1.03: Re-sorted the detail screen so that Exits always come first. Fixes on some tourist attractions.
v 1.02: Fixes on Circle/H&S lines at Baker Street. I forgot to note the exit previously.
Hopefully removed a bug relating to issues when closing the app using the Home button and then reopening. Let me know if you’re still getting them. (also…Added a Contact email to the About section)
v 1.01: fixes relating to Bank/Monument station, Southwark, Waterloo.