Version History


v1.31: Data refresh — GOBLIN re-done, Lea Valley (services out of Liverpool str.) done.
Revamped the ‘direction’ query. Some stations (spec Canning Town DLR) have more than 2 possible directions. It’s now a listView.

v1.3: Changed around a few things. Stations are now better integrated across the app, and they’re all based on National Public Transport Access Nodes (NAPTAN) data, so you shouldn’t have any issues with stations appearing in one place but not the other. This was necessary because if I ever manage to get around to doing an offline or online journey planner this is a requirement. The down-side of this is that a few stations had to be renamed and re-structured (specifically Paddington, Hammersmith and a few others where NAPTAN database classifies stations differently from how humans normally do it.). I tried to amend the code so your existing favourites convert okay to the new system but you may find one or two of your favs gone (unlikely but not impossible) — also in the unlikely case you end up with weird fav migrated from the old version, there’s a button now to obliviate them.

I’ve added in the missing tube stations. The only one station still missing is Metropolitan @ Willesden Green but given that’s a very special thing I’m not adding it in as ML trains basically never ever stop there.

v1.2: Visual update — the app now looks less dreadful 😉 — also a code updates to make sure it scales okay on current phones, SDK compatibility updates, etc. Added permission to read files/data. This is req’d because the app’s data files are held locally in SQLite files and as such the read this data and/or update your favourites this permission is necessary.

v1.11: Updated the Circle, H&C lines to the new S7 trains as well as partially done the same for the District Line. Updated Pudding Mill Lane and did a few minor changes.
v 1.10: Added the Overground network. Do let me know if I missed something. Some Tube station fixes.
–Note 1: The next update will be once the H&S line gets mostly updated to the S7 stock. For now I’ll keep the app w/ C77 stock info.
–Note 2: Android 4.3 might produce an error on exit, not sure. CMod 10.2 is problematic altogether so I’m unsure if it’s the app or the system.
v 1.09: Updates to data based on recent feedback. No Overground yet, but probably sooooon…
v 1.08: Favourites function added (yeyy), more fixes (District L/NHG, Jubilee/Wloo and bugs.)
v 1.07: Station fixes, bugfixes
v 1.06: Various bugfixes relating to directions not being picked up properly under certain conditions. Sorry…
v 1.05: Added a “loaded %” counter to the Line Select and Sights Select tools as it takes some time to load on slower phones and so far that’s been without a visual feedback.
v 1.04: DLR info added! Also re-linked the Tube Map to a GIF file so it doesn’t download a file each time.
v 1.03: Re-sorted the detail screen so that Exits always come first. Fixes on some tourist attractions.
v 1.02: Fixes on Circle/H&S lines at Baker Street. I forgot to note the exit previously.
Hopefully removed a bug relating to issues when closing the app using the Home button and then reopening. Let me know if you’re still getting them. (also…Added a Contact email to the About section)
v 1.01: fixes relating to Bank/Monument station, Southwark, Waterloo.