First Off The Tube helps you board the Tube, Overground, and the DLR in order to be closest to your exits and interchanges at the chosen station. It incorporates a detailed database of each and every exit and interchange found on the Tube system and works perfectly well while you’re underground as it needs no internet connection or GPS information. You can search by line, or just by the station name to find the station you’re looking for.

The app also provides information on the closest stations to a number of London’s tourist attractions. Enjoy!

The App is available on the Play StoreĀ here

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Try it for FREE – the Lite version contains the top10 Tube stations’ information and a limited set of tourist attractions, available on the Play Store here. [ps. the Lite version is there to show you it works on your phone, and it’s not meant to be a fully-featured app]

FYI PERMISSIONS: Added permission to read files/data. This is req’d because the app’s data files are held locally in SQLite files and as such the read this data and/or update your favourites this permission is necessary.


  • Covers every station on the London Underground’s network, as well as the DLR and the Overground.
  • Provides information for every exit and interchange.
  • The app also offers a guidance as to:
    • which way to continue once you’re off the train. (Left/Right/Straight – where applicable).
    • on which side the doors open
    • how many carriages are there on the line you’re travelling on.
  • Interchanges are colour-coded for easier identification (in line with current Tube line colours).
  • Can be accessed while you’re on the Underground, or above the ground. In fact the app can be used anywhere. No internet or GPS connection needed as the App contains the complete database of the network.
  • Extensive information about the location of tourist attractions and the Olympic venues (in London). Great for domestic or foreign visitors!
  • Works on just about any Android device. The app has been designed so that it fits every screen size.
  • Costs less than a bottle of water. And imagine all the time it will save you!